Monday, January 25, 2010

1st Snow White Re-release

Of course we're not forgetting that Walt Kelly was one of Walt Disney's best, producing many many comics and covers in the 40s.

In 1944 the Disney Studio re-released the feature film Snow White for the first time since it's December 1937 premiere, so to raise some liquid cash during the lean times of WWII.

Part of the studio's promotional campaign for the movie was to tie into its comic book demographics and much of the assignment came to Walt Kelly's drawing board, and aren't we glad it did.

The above scan is from a comic that my mother received as part of her subscription of 1944. I think it's kinda sweet that my mom was subscribing when she was 20 years old. You can see the subscription crease on the cover, as they were mailed uncovered and folded in half.

Below is a Heritage Auction scan of the original drawing. I think it's quite informative to see that the original ink drawing can be pretty sparse, knowing that the coloration will bring it to life.

Above is another scan from my mother's subscription that somehow didn't get creased, and below from Heritage Auctions.

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