Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Yegg, the Filcher, the Cozening Pilcher


  1. Tom,

    There's a reference here to Mariner 4, the first successful US flyby of Mars in July of 1965. The big news from that mission was the "revelation" (subsequently somewhat modified by Viking and other missions) that Mars was more moon-like than earth-like and could not possibly support life.


  2. I am still here reading your comics. there is so much material to catch up on.Pogo on a daily basis does me more good than medicine. it starts my day. charlie

  3. Chris, yes you're so right. I remember the shock of experts and lay persons like myself of how barren Mars appeared to be. In hindsight it's almost just as shocking that modern photos show so MANY interesting features, compared to then.

    Charlie, I'm always so glad to hear from you—and to hear that these Pogo strips are good for you. Please consider sending me an email to let me know what your situation is.

  4. I am always amused by the equanimity with which these characters take suddenly finding themselves covered with foodstuffs.

    Mrs Bear's final comment is my favorite part of this strip. It mirrors a sort of genuine yet unacknowledged wit that one finds amongst some people — unrecognized because it lacks the tropes that most people associate with sophistication.