Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Unconformulate Nonesuch

There have been a number of you Kelly fans that have contacted me with some really nice Kelly material that I plan on posting on this blog. But I have to apologize that it's taking me so long to do so, as I need to organize the stuff into proper order to tell a proper story, and not only is my time short, but so is my attention span and focus. I keep jumping from project to project and back again, that I'm just plain dizzy. Busy and dizzy . . . geez, aren't we all?

Anyway, it really could be awhile afore I can think straight. 'Til then at least I can scan and post the consecutive Sundays, and that's sumthin', ain't it?

Still not sure who or what that furry critter is. And man, this strip is chock full of Kellyesque wordisms.


  1. Please don't lose your focus too much. The longer I follow, the more I remember my language. Thank you for your commitment.

  2. A finely placed and completely justifiable example of semi-appropriate rowlbazzlery.