Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mythillogical Beasts Don't Exist, Never Did Exist an' Never Won't Exist

Below is the black and white original drawing for this strip, sent over as a photograph from J.P.K., a fan of Kelly. Even in the slightly blurred and low resolution state, you can see, without the distraction of strange color, that Kelly's art is still spiffy. Thanks J.P.!

Oh, and check out the 'extra' panel that the 3 tier format always has.

I know I said I'd shut up about colors, but I can't help it, I have to point out the little weirdities:

First, not only is there yellow in the background, there's more yellow in the foreground than usual.

Second, Pogo's got a solid darker brown coloration than usual, with no whites for the eyes.

Third, there are three panels with blank backgrounds, no colors. Before this arc, I can't recall that happening. That's a lost opportunity for more visual stimulus.

Fourth, Howland is back to his usual brown, but it also covers his nose which is usually orangish, as his feet usually are, only now they're white. And his glasses are now sunglass blue, clear being the usual.

And lastly (same as last couple of Sundays) Churchy has that weird two-tone effect with the yellow on his face. But at least the back of his shell is not purple now, like it was in the last two Sundays.

Of course none of this should prevent us from enjoying this excursion, but at least it gives me somethin' to write about, and some of you have said you don't mind my ramblings.

Come back soon for the next one, wherein we get a costume drama.

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