Sunday, March 6, 2011

Very Well Then, Alone!

And with this strip, we conclude the Mythillogical Beasts arc that, as you have seen, morphed from one story line to another and from some gosh-awful coloration back to near-norm.

This arc has been funny and fun, but it's time to step aside from Pogo for a bit and see more of the rest of Kelly's whirled. Come back in a few days for the beginning of some really special Kelly material. And actually before then I will be posting a request, so, you know, see you later.


  1. Tom,

    FYI, the latest PREVIEWS solicits that long-promised Thomas Andrae-helmed survey of Kelly's career. It's now being advertised by Hermes Press -- it was originally supposed to be published by University of Mississippi Press. A weird cover, with characters drawn from all different eras of POGO; you get modern-looking Porky, Pogo and Albert and a 1951-vintage Hepzibah, for example.

    I'm hoping that this will appear as promised in May, but I've been burned before on Kelly projects, so am being cautious...