Monday, May 9, 2011

Peter Wheat News

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You wait forever for a bus, and then three come along at once: I've recently taken possession of two more issues of Peter Wheat News, one incomplete and one intact; one Kelly and one Hubbard. This recent rush of books has not changed my opinion on how rare the things are, however! I don't even know if this one is the first or second part of a story; the opening panel could either be the resolution of a cliffhanger or a start in mid-story, given how little room these 3-parters have to play with.

As a bonus, I've sent Thom copies of the one complete Kelly issue I have, #19, so those who don't mess with cbz's can see it, and what a complete issue looks like. Not a Kelly cover, other than possibly the Peter Wheat figure grabbed from stock art.

I have to wonder if the creators of Bewitched ever saw this when they were younger, though.

Above, the title card for the Bewitched TV series that started more than a decade after the Peter Wheat News #19, below, was published.

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  1. Just to continue my geeky theory that Kelly's whirled was interconnected with all his work, that pup dog in those first few pages sure looks like the pup dog in the early Pogo years. I'd like to think they're one and the same.