Sunday, December 25, 2011

Paradigm of the EX-plicit and/or IM-plicit Exigencies of Parabolic Thought

This arc is finally and rapidly coming to a close—one more week, I think. Then we'll move on to something else. But until then, today is Christmas and I'd like to wish you a merry one!


  1. A very Merry Crispness to one and all along with Nuke Year best witches. I got my very own copy of the new Fantagraphics Pogo "Blue Yonder" book all nestled up with a big red bow under the spreading chestnut Crispness tree. Thank you for such a generous year of sharing your Kelly collection with one and all and keeping the spirit of days long past and the magical joy of Kelly's everlasting gift of Sunday foolishness alive.

  2. Sincere THANKS to the faithful "provider" of good cheer and (not only Season's) joy, T. H. Buchanan. By putting on a red coat and hiding behind a huge beard he could not do better!

    Transatlantic Hun