Sunday, July 14, 2013


We're serious here about celebrating Walt Kelly's one hundredth birthday!  Pictorial Arts Journal now has an imprint, called Delineated Life, which will alternate with the Journal—to showcase great artists and their work. Below is a preview of the cover I've designed for the upcoming number, publishing online August 25. I am still humbly requesting any and all cartoonists that have felt the love for Kelly's work to step forward with some sort of tribute art that conveys your feelings. It could be a memory, a shout-out, a rumination—voiced by your own characters or any creative manner you are inspired to.

Please spread the word to fellow cartoonists and animators! We need jpegs of your art by the week of August 4, but please sooner if you can. Each artist will get a bio blurb and link to their website.

C'mon! We're serious!

Design and portrait artwork copyright © Thomas Haller Buchanan
Cartoon artwork copyright © Walt Kelly Estate
Donald Duck character owned by Walt Disney Productions

I'd love for this cover to be reposted, but only if it is 
promoting the magazine and has a link to this blog.


  1. Wonderful cover, Thom.
    Great art and great design. The tops!
    Thanks a thousand.

  2. Hi Yves! Thank you! Any chance of getting a quixotic Kelly tribute drawing of some kind from you?