Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celebrating Creativity

This is a reminder that this Sunday, August 25, is Walt Kelly's 100th Birthday, and our new zine, Delineated Life, will be rolling out its tribute issue, entirely dedicated to Kelly.

I say that so confidently and calmly, even though I only have a couple of days left to pull it all together and get it up online as I'm way working on other deadlines. Oy.

Pictorial Arts Journal is the papa publication of Delineated Life, so it's proudly presenting this promotional 'poster' to remind you to check in on Sunday.


  1. It's been rare that I waited with such suspense and expectation for a Sunday...

  2. Hun, I hope you're not getting your hopes and expectations TOO high, but it is over a hundred pages of Kelly goodness. Hmmm, including four pages from a guy in Germany.