Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pogo on a Pogo Stick

I'm poohed out from publishing the Kelly tribute and catching up on all the stuff I've been ignoring. No Sunday strip today, but don't go away empty handed. Here's a somewhat iconic panel:


  1. 100.0192 years for WK and Pogo is still jumping!
    I just finished googling Kelly's 100th birthday and found a very few memorial blogs but (as expected!) NONE would even start to compare to the work of love you produced.
    Thank you once again (and please don't worry about neglecting us parasites while catching up with the 'other' life)
    LLK / LLTHB !

  2. Yay, Hun, I can allus count on you (but don't feel the pressure if you aren't allus available to comment in some witsome way).

    I'm already wondering what I'm gonna do on WK's 150th birthday.

    I suspect it's gonna be pretty quiet on my part. I'll only be 110ish.