Sunday, February 9, 2014

True Blueness and Cerulean Elegantics

We have a couple more weeks of junk chunkin' antics, then we move on to something else. It's a good thing these boys are such good friends, seein' as how they treat each other.

Hey Hun! That reference term you asked about? "Menacing Joie de Vivre".

Hey! Has anyone seen hard evidence of Fantagraphics' volume 3 coming out? I've been saving an Amazon gift card since Christmas just for that very tome.

May 7, 1972


  1. Sorry, no time to ponder a snappy (and pithy) input! So:
    Thnx, THB!

  2. I pre-ordered vol. 3 on Amazon and am now being told it will be released in April

  3. Amazon currently has Vol. 3 listed for April 19. It was previously list as March, up until recently. Fantagraphics hasn't updated the release date on their site in awhile.

    It's disappointing but probably inevitable that they would fall behind schedule, based on the magnitude of the undertaking and the repeated delays in the release of Vol. 1. (And let's face it, Pogo probably isn't Fantagraphics' A-1 priority from a budgetary and staff perspective).


  4. I'm eagerly waiting for my copy...