Friday, June 6, 2014

Artistic License

Modifying my view of what could be, I'm enamored of the concept of a graphic novel approach to illustrate story slices of Kelly's life, using artistic license to embellish it a bit in fun ways. 

With artistic license firmly in wallet, how about a story entitled 'Kelly and Mouse', showing Kelly's time at Disney Studio, with 'Mouse', good ol' Mouse, nestled in Kelly's lapel, trading barbs and witticisms with Kelly's cronies, giving advice to Kelly at the drawing board, slipping off to make a little mischief for Walt Disney and Mickey. You heard that idea here first. That's MY story, illustrated by a great modern cartoonist!

You hard-core Kelly fans who only want Kelly art wouldn't be interested in a concept of Kelly as a character?

Mock-up title page of a projected book, 
illustrated by the finest cartoonists of today. 


  1. I love the idea of writing stories about Kelly's life interpreted through comics. I personally am interested in the events around this:

    From the aftermath of the Birthday Special into his incredible colored-pencil self-made affair, showing his Disney chops. It's mostly a bit of a sad story about what could have been, in my mind, and about how sometimes amazing people often shorted by the politics of life, and we're ALL poorer for it.

    Of course the one hang up is finding accurate source material for this - there's possibly a lot of hearsay on some events. I mean, we don't want to libel anyone here.

    - GG

  2. Ack-chew-ally, I kind of dig the idea. Much as I love Kelly's art, I'm also a firm believer in creativity an the forward stumbling of artistic ideas, or what have you. How much historical material is there for you to mine from for ideas of his actual travels, or would this slowly become completely fictional?

    I'd love to see some of your own work, as inspired by Kelly.