Sunday, January 25, 2015


Sorry about missing last week's post. I've been totally tied up with the KickStarter campaign for a book of my artwork. I was hoping some of you might want to pledge a modest amount to get a copy of said book. One of you has. Anyone else interested? More information on the book by clicking here.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

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  1. Sorry I haven't been posting any more comments on every single one of these magnificent works of Kelly's art, but I've just been so busy browsing through my new Evidence to the Contrary compilation I bought a month and a half ago. I even have the Pogo sunday book I was lucky to snatch up way back in September and two volumes of the dell comic stories way before the strip began. My next collection's gonna be the Pogo election special from 1960 that will be arriving next month. I just get so sucked into the suthern dialect, the characters and the hilarious escapades that got me hooked for 5 years and counting. I'm even into the Peter Wheat stories as well, even though it didn't last too long but I'll always be around to show my love for this site and the works of a comic legend that still tugs at my heartstrings:D