Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fits of Foolish Glee, Hooray for Spring in '73

Here again is a two fer one posting of 1973 strips recycled from a decade earlier in 1963, as confirmed by our Friend-in-Kelly, Hun.

Only two tiers, but better than nothing, sez I.

 January 7, 1973

January 14, 1973


  1. Lordy, I misses Pogo. Thanks for continuing to remind me why.

  2. "Flatter it a little."

    Well, wouldn't want to get caught flat-footed here, but let's just say it for the truth. Kelly drew "the purtiest feetz in de funneh pay-purrz."

  3. Yep, I miss Pogo, too. It is so strong, so masterly done, so accomplished. And especially so lively. Stunning, really.
    Thanks, Thom!