Friday, June 24, 2016

Pogo Primer for Parents

Sorry to be prolonged sporadic in posting of late, but I have an art gallery show that opens one week from today, and I'm nowhere near ready. But in the meantime, our #1 Kelly Korrespondent, Hun, sent over a link that should be of interest to you Pogoholics. A lot of you may have seen this item before, but it's nice to see the whole primer again. Thanks Hun!

Click under the picture to link to the Primer...


  1. I can't copy the entire link from your post above, as it is truncated by the right column edge. Would you please paste the full link here in the comments? I have never seen this item. Thank you!

  2. I know it SEEMS truncated, but I've tested it a couple of times by copying as far as it will go and it works. But here it is again:;q1=walt%
    I hope this works for you. I will also go into the image and insert the link, so shortly you should be able to click on the image and be linked automatically. Enjoy, cause it's a fun little piece!

  3. Okay, I couldn't put the link into the picture, but I managed to put a 'click here' under the picture!

  4. Thank you: the new link worked better for me, and I enjoyed reading the Primer. "Do not be afraid of your t.v. set. These things are probably here to stay." Walt didn't know at the time how right he was!