Thursday, September 7, 2017

Never Say Never

Sorry for the dry spell. I'm still hoping and waiting for a new set of scans of vintage 1953 Pogo tear sheets.  But in the meantime, here are a couple of Kelly rarities shared by our friend-in-Kelly David Burd. 

First you see a set of decals that are a bit strange, seemingly from the long-haired hippy era of my youth. And secondly some cards that show Kelly's work from his Donald Duck years in the comic books. It looks like maybe these cards are teaching kids to play Gin Rummy.

Well, Long Live Kelly, and hope to have some new tear sheets relatively soon.


  1. Somehow I missed seeing this for over 2 weeks: even though I checked regularly, my browser kept automatically scrolling down to the end of "Kluck Klams."

    Long ago I had a homemade deck of Pogo-themed playing cards. The aces used four panels hand-traced from The Incompleat Pogo p. 105 showing the bats playing some card game (poker?). Incorporating themes from that strip and elsewhere, my deck included seven kings of clubs, five jacks of spades, a card saying "Happy birthday to Meeble," and one saying "All you can eat at Brennan's for $99.05" -- for a total of 79 cards, which must have included some I've forgotten. I think they got used for exactly one game. They must have been thrown away decades ago.

  2. Hope new Pogo stuff is coming in soon! :)
    I have a pretty random question regarding Kelly-Disney-work, maybe someone here can help me:
    While looking through my old comic books I stumbled across this one: It´s from a series of albums reprinting Carl Barks stories. Now, the cover is obviously not by Barks (for some reason they used very few actual Barks covers for the series, most of them are montages from panels) but is it by Kelly? Inducks doesn't seem to know... Here´s a better scan: I am not that familiar with Kelly´s work outside of Pogo, but from what I´ve seen it was not as "slick" as this, a little rougher maybe. My guess would be that the cover is by famous dutch artist Daan Jippes doing a Kelly impression, but maybe someone recognizes the cover and can tell me definitely who the artist ist and where it was used first.
    See you in the swamps!

  3. That particular German cover is a modern recreation based on Kelly's original cover from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #101 (which I'll post today), changing only a few details.

    New Pogo stuff WILL be coming, just not sure when.