Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A Real Screamer

I've never been in such a crunch with deadlines in all my professional years as an illustrator, so once again, and always, please pardon my lack of daily posts.

March 19, 1962


  1. The book (Deck Us All) puts this strip right after the one from Feb. 9 so as to continue on the same topic. In the dailies it seems Porky and Beauregard have been sittin' there with that copy of Dog's Life for some weeks just waitin' while other stuff happens. Now I guess Owl's plan for the maiden ladies of the swamp will get put on hold the same way.

    Meantime I've just noticed that it was only the previous year (1961, in Gone Pogo) that Porkypine was actually starting to get a few jokes. But they were all from a special source: his own "inner man," heard through a stethoscope. That doesn't seem to have improved his ability to get other people's jokes.

  2. We will be grateful for whatever you have the time to share with us and wish you all the best!