Monday, March 29, 2010

Ful Wys is He that can Hymselven Knowe

Madcap mayhem. Slapstick. Keystone Kops. Whimsical wordplay. Awesome art. This Sunday strip has it all. Plus it's plain funny.

What a beautiful tableau. These prisoner frogs slay me:

Below is a scene you just don't see every day, any day. 'Unwilling slaves to destiny'. . . cracks me up!

With all this good stuff for you to savor, I must take my leave. Once again I've got HORRIBLE deadlines and can't spare any more time to blog till I'm done. See you on Sunday!


  1. Man, that's funny stuff! Veritably brilliant.

    Thanks a million for sharing this material with us!

  2. I have a question, Thomas.

    I found another version of this comic strip but it's only 6 panels long. 2 panels were taken out and a new one added. What's the deal there? Here's what the other version is like:

    Hopefully that link will work.

    I've found other examples of this too. Did the comic strip makers always make 2 different versions to fit into
    the "real estate" that they were given in particular papers?

  3. Hi Anon! The link worked fine, thank you. Indeed, newspapers were allowed to butcher layouts as they pleased and so Kelly (and other cartoonists) had the difficult task of plotting panels to allow for that. Normally newspapers had the two basic options of full tabloid layout or the 3 tier layout. But some dastardly newspapers ran the 2 tier layout, such as this, so they could jam some advertising into the comic section. The 3 tier layout always had the 'extra' panel that the tabloid didn't have, so its fun to see the Fantagraphic books give us that format in its volumes.

    Thanks for the question. Long Live Kelly!