Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Busy Place Today

Well, hi. Welcome back.

I'm still on deadline, but you know I just hate to miss a Sunday without posting a Pogo Sunday. I can't say I'll never miss a Sunday, you know if I'm really sick or traveling or something like that. But we're still in the midst of the Oldest Man in the World Contest, and this strip is one of my favorites with Albert as a hero, even while on the run from the coppers. And the double entendre of his act of heroism is pretty funny.

It's just so comforting to look at a beautiful Sunday Pogo, isn't it?

Kelly's art has such a great sense of cartoon believability under the Suwanee bank:


  1. Thanks for making time to post, Thom. Sunday wouldn't be the same without a Pogo fix.

  2. Yay, somebody's paying attention and appreciating Kelly. I appreciate all you regular aficionados.