Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh, Frabjous Day, Collooh Collay

I had a request come in the other day, via email, from a very nice person wanting to find a specific Kelly work. This person had a vivid memory of a funny story with Albert reciting Lewis Carroll's Jabberwocky, not having seen it for over fifty years!

I couldn't place it right away and it took me awhile to locate it, trying all the Pogo book collections, finally finding it in the Pogo comic books (#10, 1952). One of the reasons it took me so long (besides having a spotty memory) is that I was looking for a story entitled Jabberwocky. Who woulda thought it'd be titled Mother's Gooseberry Rinds?! Albert really hams it up.

This post is dedicated to Sandy—and Lewis Carroll fans everywhere!


  1. It's just amazing how much Kelly does with so little in this one. Most of the story is just figures of Albert and Pogo and the energy is just incredible.

  2. Thank you so much for bringing this comic story to light. I was a big fan at age eight, and recall it extremely vividly. I immediately memorized the poem and the actions, and performed it several times for family and relatives. When the Pogo comics later disappeared from the newsstands, I wrote to Kelly at Post-Hall Syndicate. He responded that his schedule was overcrowded, and he didn't believe in deceiving his fans by having another artist do his work. "Perhaps one day when my left hand can be put to some use we will then be able to continue with the comic book." I still have his letter, dated April 28, 1955. Most of my comic collection disappeared, probably when I went off to college, like those of so many in my generation.