Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Trap

YaHoo! More Adventures of Peter Wheat! Thanks as always to OtherEric for the scans and the ever persistent tracking of issues that are consistently hard to find.

This is issue #15, a continuation from one our earlier posts, and with OtherEric's efforts, we're bound to see it continued someday or other in issue #16. But each issue is an adventure unto itself, and this one is pure Kelly (jes' love Kelly's mice!). Have fun.


  1. Hi Thom,
    I love the Peter Wheat stories and the art! Think how great they are for a child, showing resourceful characters thinking through their problems step by step. You could say they are violent, but compared to today's cartoons and story lines, the situations put the characters in peril, but nothing is overly graphic or excessive. The art conveys the same energy and sense of motion as the dialogue and plot.

  2. these are great--hornet stings are something you don't forget--I know---charlie