Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Intellectual Comic Strip Business

Here is a spot-on parody of Pogo, illustrated by Wally Wood — a rarity to see in color! This treat is courtesy of Ger Apeldoorn's The Fabulous Fifties blog. Go there, check out the rest of the great strip parodies.

Wally Wood — Pogum


  1. I'm sure I still have those comics. Mad Magazine used to include bonuses like this with its compilation issues. Mine isn't in great shape and not sure where it is, so great to see these again after all these years.

  2. Great! More of a work of love than a parody. The black & white version had been available in past different Pogo anthologies. But I'd never seen this color version. Astonishing!

    Secondly, Thom, you should know there's been in the 60s 3 pocket-books French adaptation of the books Pogo, I Go Pogo and G.O. Fizzickle Pogo by the Belgian comic-publisher Dupuis. They were strongly abridged, especially the topical stuff had to go, but the French adaptation was very clever, lively, funny and intelligent. It was a work of love, too.
    I can't imagine how it could have been better translated in French. The editor and translator was the great Yvan Delporte. He was the unknown untold unpraised genius behind a lot of French/Belgian comics at the time, more as a producer and editor than as a credited writer or artist. (One of the rare big things he didn't participate in was Asterix, but then the Asterix writer Goscinny was fluent in English and a big Pogo fan!)
    The books were printed in black & white and the new lettering was very bearable.
    I'd send you scans if I had the time and if I wasn't afraid of destroying the spines and bindings of these small treasures. Awfully sorry not being able to!...
    I've told Fantagraphics about them, thinking it might be an interesting topic for one of their introductions in the new re-issues, but they didn't seem interested.
    After that there were some few more attempts by other French publishers but there weren't up to it.