Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kidney Stew?

I hafta get up early in the morning, so I'm postin' this on Saturday nite, so's you can have your Pogo fix first thing on Sunday morn.

I'm still in crisis mode for at least another week, and then I'll try posting a little more often. I hope DJ David B is working out his crisis so that maybe we can get a few more really long ago strips.

This particular strip suffers from that "get these newspapers out in a hurry and it's only comics anyway, so who cares" syndrome of badly registered colors, and it's so extensive here that I just don't have the time to heal it like I sometimes do. But it's Kelly. We'll live.

March 22, 1970


  1. Hi, Thom!
    I'm a bit later than usual today; in competition with our (44th) wedding anniversary Pogo had to take a (close!) second place.
    During the last few weeks I have scanned thru years of microfilmed newspaper archives on the net and agree totally with your assessment of the "who cares-syndrome" concerning comics.
    I found Pogo strips printed upside down; cropped and clipped top and bottom (including datelines); printed under a different comics title; on the wrong date ( including one case where dates were scrambled over a whole week).
    Lucky me that the microfilms are only black and white, such that at least the color issue does not arise.
    Thank you for cleaning up in preparation for posting. And a BIG THANKS for posting at all! The Hun sends

  2. "Today's newspaper is tonight's bird cage liner. Who in the world would ever clip out comics and (!) save them for 50 years?!? Comics are fer kids, just put 'em in any which way. Start those presses!"

    Hun—Always a big thank YOU for your dedication to the Kelly cause!!!

  3. Oh, and Hun! Happy Anniversary! 44 is a big deal. We're only coming up on 25. Best to you and yours!

  4. Thank you! No big deal once you have found both of you made the right choice. Tip: Tell each other how lucky you feel at least once every day.

  5. Hey Thom,
    I'm glad your work demands are gonna give you a little rest soon. I just wanted to say how I really appreciate you taking the time, when you don't really have the time, to still get out a Sunday Pogo for us every week. Looking at this week's offering, I can't help wondering (and maybe you already know) if Cholmondeley is based on someone Kelly knew, if not someone we all should of knew. I remember when I was a kid watching the Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon show (new then, not reruns), voiced by Don Adams of Get Smart fame, my mother commented that his sidekick Chumley's name was probably actually spelled Cholmondeley (it wasn't). This is the first time I can recall actually seeing the name spelled that way after all these years.
    Thanks again!

    Jim Prior