Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chumley Hit a Wangaroo

It may not be an Easter strip, but at least we've got a bunny in here with some special art.

Happy Easter, y'all.

April 12, 1970

Take a closer look at the labor of love that Kelly put into his work:


  1. I have been tasked to convey Greetings and Best Wishes to you, Thomas, yours, and all the Charlies out there by Little Awry, Lady President of the Ancient Order of Easter Bunnies ('and her only a week old'); elected by being pulled out of a hat. (As documented in one of Kelly's Bunny strips on or about Oct. 16, 1964 during that year's Presidential Election Campaign)
    Thanks from me, the Hun

  2. Hun, you actually brought a chuckle and a smile to my tired face. For that, I thank you and hereby appoint you Whirled of Kelly aficionado #1, pro tem, until such time as you relinquish that position of your own accord.

    All the best to you sir, as well to all the Charlies out there.

    1. if I have succeeded in bringing a bit of joy: fine, was my intention. As for the 'title': I feel tickled but overly honored; probably got more free time (matter of age!) than the other Charlies out there.
      'Aficionados' don't have to fight the bull themselves, or do they?

  3. Hun:your comment made my Easter Day--charlie
    Thomas: this series of baseball is a side I have never seen before-& I did see Babe Ruth play--once-- our boy scout troop went to a game he played in--charlie

  4. Wow, charlie, Babe Ruth! That is so cool. I wish you would write me and tell me more about yourself.