Saturday, October 20, 2012

Please Stand By

Well, here's the bad news, my friends: My main computer has crashed repeatedly today and is entirely unreliable at the moment, so I do not have a Pogo Sunday ready for you bright and early Sunday morning. The good news is that I've been told that the problem is hopefully correctable, meaning that I hope to post the Sunday Pogo in a day or so. 

I'm posting this note from my i-pad, trying not to panic, as all my deadline material is waiting to be reawakened.  Please stand by.


  1. Ahhh ... what to do on this Sunday? .... everything appears so pointless without Pogo...

  2. that hurts--sorry to hear of your recent problem & hope you get it fixed soon-charlie

  3. Thomas, a huge 'thank you' to you for making it possible for us "younger" in the audience to get to know Walt Kelly's Pogo. You're doing a great job. Good luck in getting your computer back to a working state.

    I'll be here every sunday as usual!