Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Cool Quiet of a Good Dump

Seeing as how late in the day it was for Kelly back in 1972, what with his diminishing style, this looks to me like it could be one of the reprints that started to run during his illness. But I haven't had the time to look through the archives to see if that is so, and if so, from when. Still this is part of the canon and is the start of another sequence that runs right into some strips that definitely reflect the toll that diabetes exacted from Kelly.

Kelly's explosions are always graphically fun.  

Good morning to you across the Atlantic, as it is still night-time here in the U.S., as I toddle off to bed. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

June 11, 1972


  1. And a Good Morning to you too,Dear Sir,from across the pond.
    A thousand thank you's for sharing the fun.

  2. "Good Morning" from this side of the Atlantic. However, "good afternoon" would have been better. That is...on this side of the water. Because I've overslept. And I suspect that you now are doing the same thing, since you stayed up all night to update your first class blog. So "Good afternoon!" then.
    Thanks for the comics placed that you last night/morning. Your blog is such a lovely place to browse.Yessir!
    There's nothing like curlin' up with a nice discarded Pogo-comic by Walt Kelly.

  3. Sorry I am a bit later than usual with showing my appreciation to you, Thom, for what you are doing for all us Kelly fans.
    But as they say: better late than never.
    Sun (which did not really shine here today) is slowly setting; I guess you over there on the Far Side (of the Atlantic, of course) prolly are getting ready for lunch. You all still have the larger part of Kelly-Sunday before you. Enjoy it.
    Thanx, THB!
    PS: loud noises from bombs or handguns in your vicinity, pse

    1. NOT A REPLY, just a correction.
      of course you will have noticed that I missed 2 (i.W.:two) letters after the 2 letters plus colon "PS:"
      those letters being N and O
      Would never want to disturb you on a (hopefully) quiet Kelly Sunday or any other day.

  4. Tom,

    This certainly doesn't LOOK like a reprint to me... just my humble opinion, of course...


  5. another fine Pogo and laughs to go with it--I always get laughs from the "dump" sundays--I am heavy into recycling so it is fun--charlie

  6. My favorite fairly recent variant on the "I've been thrown out of better dumps than this" is "I didn't come here, and I ain't leavin'!".