Sunday, November 25, 2012

Party Kids

Hey there, hi there, ho there, we're as happy as can be, we're back on line, everything's fine and we've got an old Sun-dee . . . er, uh, Sunday. 

Yep, functionality is a good thing, and perhaps we can stay this way for a while. I need to work on a backlog of missed deadlines, and then—look out—more wonderful Kelly/Pogo stuff will continue coming your way!

Kelly allus had a thing about critters eating other critters, showing up all throughout the run of the strip. Can't be sure if that's what tickled his ribs, or if maybe he had a therapist who could conjure up all kinds of theories for his cannibalistic shenanigans (anyone who can talk and plans to eat another being that can also talk is a cannibal in waiting, in my book).

Notice the lettering on this early, 1950 strip. It's not as bold and perfectly integrated as it later would be. Kelly is credited with incredible lettering on the strip over the years, but I believe much of it may owe calligraphic gratitude to Kelly's later assistants.

For these early, early Sundays, once again a hearty thank you to DJ David B for scans! Again, I did some art editing to clean it up, yet I left a number of existing artifacts so as to keep it authentic to newspaper printing.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

December 17, 1950


  1. Great news!

    I wish you good luck and hope the machine stays online.:)

    Btw, I've ordered the new Pogo album from Fantagraphics. Hopefully it should arrive in a month or so. It's called "Bona fide balderdash" and chronicles the Pogo-years of 1951-52. It'll be a good christmas this year... :)


  2. sure good to have you back sharing pogo sundays in color--charlie

  3. Hi, Thom!

    So, it did turn out a good Sunday after all!