Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nibblin' Desultory-Like

How can it be December already? So glad to be back online!

The early Pogo strips were so gorgeous in any number of ways. A wagon-full of thanks to DJ David B for sharing scans. I still need to tell you a bit of the history of where these came from, but I've got to get back to my deadlines.


December 16, 1951


  1. ...again putting in an all-nighter, are you?
    Thanks for taking the time off deadlines in order to give us some cheer!

    and a successful Sunday to you!


  2. Thanks Hun, it must be—what—late morning where you are? Thanks for the encouragement. I need to catch up.

    1. We are on GMT plus 1; or as I put in my 2-bits on Sunday at 10:36 local time and it's booked at 2:36 it looks as if we had 8 hours less to live (or more? depending how you figure it) than you all over there when the world runs out of patience this Maya month.
      Hope to see you (on this site) before then...
      PS: Just imagine how this will impinge on your deadlines!

  3. I am still coming here to start my Sunday with a beautiful Pogo---thanks---charlie

  4. If this thing is not beautiful, I don't know what beautiful is. Yes, thing_ It's such a blast of life, colors, dexterity, joy and fierceness, who would think of calling it a "page" or a "comic"!?
    Thanks for your great finds, your time-consuming scanning, your excellent commentaries and reiews, dear Thom!

  5. Glad you're back online Thom! This Sunday's strip is great, but we never found out wha' hoppen with them Fauns... they din't *gulp* et ol' Albert, did they? - Dan

  6. Thanks, you all for comments.

    Dan, refer to the current (beautiful) Fantagraphics Volume 1, to see the sequence and the outcome. I think Albert survived.

  7. Tom,

    Fantagraphics is now soliciting POGO volume 2, and this strip should be among the Sunday pages in there.


  8. Oh, I thought it was in Volume 1.

    I'm really looking forward to Volume 2 and all the others! I just need to live long enough.