Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seein' As It's So Near to Christmas

I was thinking tonight that Walt Kelly is my favorite cartoonist in the history of great cartoonists. And I was going to say that Pogo is ALmost my favorite comic strip. Then I tried to think of a strip that was more of a favorite than Pogo . . . and I couldn't think of one! Kelly and Pogo are my candidates for BEST cartoonist and strip of all time! And that includes Hal Foster, Milton Caniff, and Alex Raymond!

Here's an early Christmas present for you'n'me — a be-you-tiful Christmas Sunday from the early years of Pogo. Thanks again, so much, to DJ David B for the raw scan!

December 23, 1951


  1. 11:25 (GMT +1)
    ..your's and mine, too...(as you must have figured out by now)
    Thanks a million times (well, a thousand at least)
    and to DJ David B, too!
    Hope you are sleeping well by this time


  2. May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas also--charlie

  3. What a pleasure to find this blog! My father has over a dozen Pogo books, and I read them over and over as a child (completely destroying their collectibility, I'm afraid!) Thanks so much for making these strips available. A few are familiar, but there are a lot of great storylines that didn't show up in any of the books I read. Keep up the good work!

  4. Good King Saurkraut, look out.
    On your feets uneven.

    Thank you and deck us all....

  5. Deck us all with Boston Charlie and thank you for what you do for all of us. Mlle.Hepzibah looks bizarre in the last panel with the purple face and orange crest. But that is the great wildness of the print form which will never happen again. Viva Pogo!

  6. Merry Christams to you and all your loved ones,Thom! And all our thanks and gratitude for the time and effort spent sharing these beautiful treasures with us all year 'round! Mike

  7. Echoing what Mike said! Thanks for another phenomenal year of Kelly classics. God rest ye merry, gentleman...