Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wored My Feets Off Up to the Cuff

Well, things are a little bit mizable over here—not being able to scan for awhile, and having the computer machine still acting up somethin' fierce. But that's no reason to keep you thirstin' for more Sunday Pogo. No sir. Not when this blog has friends like DJ David B. who has come to our rescue with  some fine examples of EARLY Pogo. I did a bit of editing and wahlah, we have a HAPPY SUNDAY, KELLY SUNDAY.

This particular strip was, I believe, in the excellent Fantagraphics volume, but shown as a 3 tier format. Happily I have some others from David that will take us a bit beyond that volume. I will get some of those up as soon as I can, but first I have to haul the computer BACK to the shop and ask them PLEase make it a reliable machine again.

Next post I'll tell you a little history of how David has come by these lovely lovely strips that he is generously sharing with us.

November 19, 1950


  1. Just hoping that YOU are not suffering from withdrawal symptoms (as some others -maybe- are doing)...
    Thanks for the weekly dose (and thanks to DJ David B.).
    Greetings in the sincere hope that coming week finally will see the end of your computer troubles!

  2. Wonderful!
    Thanks a lot to DJ David B.
    The page looks, of course, ten times better in the 4 Strips high version.
    And thanks to you Thom, like always. Hope your computer problems aren't too much of the killer-type. Don't let them get you down. These things are unkind and soul-less...

  3. Hi Thom,
    Sorry about the computer woes. Thanks for all the Pogo's so far and the ones you've been able to get posted lately. No need to apologize for the delays on my account; I'm very grateful for whatever comes my way.
    By the way, I'd comment a little more often, but I always let myself get intimidated by the "Comment as:" choices. I understand and will use henceforth the "anonymous" selection, but will sign off with my user name (which happens to be my real name, except I usual puts a space in it somewheres).


  4. Thanks, y'all. Very nice to hear from you,