Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pogo by Bursey Rimbitts

From that wonderful year, 1952, a fairy tale, in progress, in full color—courtesy of DJ David B. Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

January 20, 1952


  1. Thanks for a good start into a sunny Sunday!
    And best wishes from the OGPU to their most important sponsor on moving into a new environment!
    Btw: How was the perloo?

    (Hun's question)

  2. Hun, the move went as smooth as chuckleberry pie, and twice as slick. The perloo had a tang to it like either a owl or turtle had been wallowin' around in it, but that's ok cuz some some ol' alligator came 'long and swallowed it whole.

    I PER-cieve a good year on the horizon!

    Thanks for your on-going encouragement!