Sunday, April 7, 2013

Beautiful Gals Climbin' in Your Windows

Oh, good golly, I'm going off the deep end. I had this scan all ready to go last night, to post, and I was waiting for midnight so it would have a Sunday time stamp (I'm anal that way), and then I go and work until 2 am and shut down thinking I've already posted it—when I haven't! 

Sometimes I sort of sleep work (like sleep walking, only I'm typing or something while my brain slumbers), no lie! 

Anyway, here 'tis, still on Sunday, but late for our European friends!

February 1, 1970 


  1. THANK you for stopping my withdrawal symptoms - gnawing fingernails, logging onto whirled every five minutes and so on -

    HoP (Hooked on Pogo) aka Hun


  2. Incredible!
    What do I say: Incredibaboble!
    ... And Hello to everybody out there fron one of the "European friends"!