Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Minor Aberration in Navigation

Here we are again—Sunday, Kelly Sunday. Woosh the weeks just fly by.  Slow it all down, sez I.

The boys are allus aiming for some heavenly body—Moon, Mars, Sun. T'aint no Easter strip, but it'll have to do.

January 25, 1970


  1. What's a minor error in direction? Just as long as they do not confuse inches and centimeters. That's reserved for Gummint agencies.

    Thanks for your(Easter)Sunday posting!


  2. Ahh, the classic "walk this way" gag. I wonder if Kelly ever saw Mel Brooks' first couple of films, and what he would have thought? They might be a little "blue" for him, but the zany Vaudevillian humor would be right up his alley.


  3. Thanks, as always, Thom: hope Easter 2013 was a happy one over your way.

    Re: the animated "We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us" the complete 25 minute storyboard/animatic with a different Kelly narration has been posted on YouTube.

    The opening drawing of Pogo is clearly by a different hand (Selby?) but the boards are pure Kelly. Watch it here:

  4. Wonderful. A thousand thanks, Thom, like always!

    Secondly, does anyone know what's happened with the 1952-12-17 strip in the Fantagraphics re-issue Vol.II, pages 328-329?
    Have they gone all crazy at Fantagraphics?
    In my copy, at least, even the black lines are printed... Blue!
    Worse than that, the same strip (certainly from the same scan and the same digitization) is featured on the Fantagraphics Web site with the blue under-pencils clearly visible but with the black lines classically black!...
    Maybe not totally crazy, but definitely irresponsible.