Sunday, March 3, 2013

Being' A Bonafide U.S. Gentleman

A lesson for all us ugly Americans.

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday!

November 29, 1970


  1. Still awake, Thom?
    Or up again against some schedule?
    Thanks for your Sunday greetings.
    And a happy / merry Kelly Sunday to you!


  2. Thom -

    I just got back from a trip to Florida and discovered something fascinating. Universal Studios, in their "Island of Adventure" park, has a stretch of terrain called Toon Lagoon, made up mostly of comic strip-themed attractions. These include Popeye, Blondie, and Hagar the Horrible, but - more interestingly - there is a Pogo display! It's nothing too impressive - first of all, there's a HUGE drawing of Pogo & Albert above a store (the store unfortunately seems to sell mostly Betty Boop merchandise, with no Pogo goodies in sight). Secondly, there's a (cracked-in-half and "sinking") Okefenokee-style skiff in front of the same store that you can sit in, with two-dimensional plastic cutouts of Howland and Churchy. All the artwork is based off the early '50s models of the characters. Pogo & Albert in particular are not all that well-drawn, and are either blown up from comic art that Kelly never intended to be seen that large, or were produced specifically for the park by a less skilled artist imitating Kelly drawings. The Pogo & Albert pose resembles the cover of Animal Comics #17, but with the characters updated to their 1950-era models. Down below in the skiff, Howland is playing the bagpipes, and Churchy is thoughtfully strumming a banjo.

    While I was disappointed that Pogo didn't have a larger presence in the park, it was fun to get my photo taken with Churchy and Howland. If any of you happen to be in that area, it's definitely a cool photo op for a Kelly fan! (After Universal I spent some time in the Everglades, which had a nice Pogo-ish feel to them - complete with some very close encounters with some of Albert's cousins!).