Wednesday, March 27, 2013

He is US!

Ever wonder what the Pogo strip would look like if it was properly animated, that is to say with gen-you-wine Kelly art and production values?

We received a wonderful link here from our friend Yves, that tantalizes us with what might have been.

This is an absolutely delightful effort by Kelly himself (and Selby Kelly) to bring the swamp alive (even with those wonderful herons winging through the background!). I've always wondered what the proper voices would sound like for the swamp cast, and Kelly himself demonstrates a charming homespun cornpone take as well as lovely narration. The animation needed a few more between cells, but so what. It's bee-you-tiful to behold.

Thanks Yves!

 © Walt Kelly Estate

© Walt Kelly Estate


  1. First: Yes, isn't it a true marvel. I was always eager to see it all those years but was at the same time very very afraid of getting disappointed. But lo! The thing is pure genius Kelly, it's strongly and elegantly animated but still has this Kelly freedom with the lines, anatomies and movements. The colors are so well thought and so provocative. the staging is clever and respectful of our senses. The voices are great and heartwarming.
    I hope Selby could get our thanks and admiration shouts, too.

    Secondly: You're welcome. But I have no merit. I got the link from Arnaud, here on this French blog from French comic author Fran├žois Corteggiani who is very generous with displays of works by... Others!

  2. Yves, your merit is in thinking of us at this humble site where we love all things Kelly!

    Now I have this deep thirst, wondering where the original drawings and cells abide for this Kelly gem, especially the background layouts...

    Has anyone see such stuff?

  3. I purchased a DVD of this a few years back from Mark Burstein (of the Pogo Fan Club) for a PayPal payment of $35. It includes the version of the film posted on that blog, as well as a slightly longer, rough storyboard version (also with narration by Kelly).

    There's a few storyboards listed for sale on Burstein's site (, but doesn't look like he has any backgrounds.