Sunday, May 5, 2013

Wince in a While

I am a horri-bobble person!

Here I've whet your appetite for some Kelly goodies, sent in by various Kelly aficionados, and I still haven't made time to edit them and get them out to you. It ain't no excuse that I'm trying like gangbusters to make a living, trying like goomble-bumbers to keep my little family happy, trying like the Dickens & Fenster to make everyone else happy. It jes' ain't no excuse. 

Not only do I not have any of that stuff ready, I (wincing look here on my part) have lost track of who all sent over the Kelly stuff. Y'see, I had to recently go through 3 computers jes' to get my business back up and running, and I had to back up files on several externals with literally a million files all jumbled up and out of any order. (wincing look again). Could you, my friends-in-Kelly who have sent stuff over and you haven't seen it posted yet, help remind me via email who sent what? (wince) I promise to start a whole new filing system that will keep it straight from now on. Really, I promise.

What shows below isn't all that rare to you Kelly aficionados, but it's awfully sweet and reminds us once again how Kelly made the comical books magical as well.

Walt Kelly — The Three Caballeros (inner back cover)


  1. Thomas,
    stop wincing and get on with your 'normal' life!
    I'm very sure (without having taken a poll) that all of us Kelly-aficionados know that out-there is a life beyond Kelly, even if that is hard to believe. The 'service' that you provide for us without any remuneration (often even without thanks...) is priceless.

    Long live Thomas Haller Buchanan!


    PS. A little birdy has twittered in my ear (no surer source of rumor than this) that a birthday is just round the corner. MANY HAPPY returns!

  2. Hun, thank you as allus, your kind words do me good. This is an exciting time for me, work-wise, as I think (hope) that I'll be taking on a higher profile in the field of illustration. We'll see.

    Meanwhile, that little birdy has got a big mouth, even though it's right. I'm another year older, and grateful for it.

    Hun, you're a swell friend-in-Kelly! Long Live Hun!

  3. Hi Thom !
    Posted in june 2009 : a poster to fold and cut, to make a book of 32 pages. (In the belgian magazine "Spirou" #1522, 1967 june 15, Dupuis edition. Translation from Yvan Delporte, the crazy boss from Spirou).
    I hope to compare french translation with original: Do you know from witch story, are these pages coming from ?

    Best Regards Michel

  4. Thom,

    No apologies necessary. You're fighting the good fight. There's such a dearth of Kelly material on the web outside this blog. Between the hardcover collections and the work you're doing here, this is the best time to be a Kelly fan since, well...since Kelly was alive!

    Thanks for bringing us so much joy!


  5. Thanks Michel! I'm so sorry it's taken so long!

    Thanks Craig! Much appreciated!

  6. Don't apologize Thom.
    I know, old people forget things ... ;)

    Happy birthday !

  7. Michel! How sweet! How thoughtful! How . . . what are we talking about?

  8. Hi Thom and Happy Birthday to you:

    Thanks for posting this one, what a rarely-seen treasure... so much careful detail, yet so playful. Some of my favorite Kelly work from that period lies within compositions like this and inside the decorative banners along the left spines of his early Dell comic book covers.

    Your weekly commitment to treating us to such visual delights is appreciated: all us critturs is mighty grateful.

    - Dan

  9. Yay! Hi Dan! Thanks so much! I may be a year older, but I don't feel it.

  10. Thanks for bringing us so much joy and beauty, Thom!