Monday, December 23, 2013

Bright Christmas Land

Things have been a little tough around here for a while, and I was dimly prepared to skip over any Kelly Christmas joy this year. But, like out of a Grinchy type story, someone comes along and saves Christmas for Whirled of Kelly

Just yesterday, and like a present tumbling from a sack, Richard Davidson sent over some Kelly joy that brightens our spirits. Tonight I can share a rarity that most of us have only seen in black and white — Kelly's carol of a Bright Christmas Land. And the Newsweek cover that we've sometimes seen in color is the best scan I've yet seen of it.

And tomorrow, thanks to Richard, I get to share  another colorful bit of Kelly Kandy that most of us have only seen in black and white.

Thank you Richard! Our spirits have been brightened!


1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, the Newsweek cover. This is one of those eyebrow raisers that lets your peek into how realistic the characters can get when Kelly had time to labor on them. Also one of the 4 or so places that has Albert with yellow soles. The radiant cheer of this piece openly defies you to not be delighted. Even Porky hides his trademark angry eyebrows for the occasion.

    - (A)