Sunday, December 8, 2013

There is something really great about a Kelly original, between the blue penciling that shows part of the thought process and the lush inking that otherwise sometimes get obscured with colored dots and such on the printed page.

This is the original art for the strip just previously posted, along with the 'extra panel' that comes with the landscape format. Last post's comments gave us a link to view it, but Friend-in-Kelly Jerry Keslensky was nice enough to send over a jpeg of it, so we could present it here on the main stage.

Pogo — June 27, 1971 — original art

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  1. I love how the blue pencil almost acts as alternative drawings for some of the characters. And the little margin notes experimenting with the gags.

    - (A)

    (PS: I did a reconstruction of the landscape in color in the previous entry for those that missed it.)