Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Triple Star Darb

April 16, 1972

I hate to admit ignorance on anything, but right up front I can tell you I had no idea what a darb is, or was. Doing a quick google, though, gave me this:

darb is an Americanism probably nearly obsolete today, a slang word from the 1920s meaning "something or someone very handsome, valuable, attractive, or otherwise excellent." Synonyms of darb: amazing, bizarre, boss, curious, exceptional, fab, fantastic, flash, gnarly, heavy, inconceivable, incredible, marvelous, odd, outstanding, particular, peculiar, phenomenal, primo, rare, remarkable, singular, special, strange, stupendous, surprising, terrific, uncommon, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unimaginable, unique, unprecedented, unthinkable, unusual, weird, wicked, wonderful, zero cool.

Who knew?

I can just imagine the young Kelly using the word and then saving it for 40 some years to drop into this strip.

And ayep, Howland actually got one over on Miggle.


  1. Well, that was indeed educational! So a proper use of this would be, maybe...

    "Funny how a darb look handsome in anything he throw on!"

    Maybe Uncle Albert is actually a member of the rare caimin species of Darbigator.

    Wonder if it has any relation to name Darby.

    - (A)

  2. That's a blue ribbon quadruple star darb argument Churchy offers. Small wonder Miggle finds it unfair: Don't we all (if used against us)?
    Thanks, Walt K.