Friday, August 28, 2015

So Shirty and Shove

I would like to think that Miz Beaver had finally found her feller, but inter-species relationships are difficult to maintain. I love the composition of this panel with its half circle aura and the obtuse poetry, seen (heard) here out of context.


  1. Think Miz Beaver has her heart in the right place, and some skill for rhyming, but I'm not sure this is her calling. Perhaps football suits her better.

    1. In her defense, Gonechoo, this panel is out of context—wherein she was sort of echoing/quoting Spiro Agnew in the same strip. Even in context, Kelly was more than confusing . . . out of context, downright surreal. But yes, football was her calling.

  2. I have always loved that line, and just today was thinking, "so shirty and shove," that must be google-able. And sho nuf, there it is. Thanks. And remembering that is was Agnew actually helps me know which books to look in to find it. Thanks!

  3. Shirty: irritable; querulous. "don't get annoyed or shirty on the phone"

    So when the horse or whatever he is, Agnew, gets "shoved" out the door by Mz Beaver, he says, "A shirty kind of shove." Mz Beaver then returns to her chair, and this exchange occurs, and the phrase pops out of her head.