Sunday, December 27, 2015

A Lot to be Said for a Year What Ends with Christmas

I like the half-page 3-tiered format.

And just so you don't panic, 11-22 and 11-29 
have been shown here previously. 

December 6, 1970


  1. Haven't seen much of the ladder-day Pogo strips by Walt Kelly. Thanks for giving the chance to read 'em.

  2. This format, from personal experience, is a lot of work, but I love them. I just wish they could stack to full page without dumping the center panel.

    This particular one is such a visual treat. I love the dramatic shot sunk in the swamp at the end.

  3. The page is great. the artwork is great. And your digital work and restauration work on it is tremendous, dear Thom.
    But I have to say, I don't particularly care for the half-page 3-tiered format. Visually it is rather weird. Much to wide and take away your attention to the right side of the page and beyond.
    The Sundays layed out in 4 strips are so much more elegant and pleasing and framing so well the stories.
    That's the big Nr. ! mistake Fantagraphics have done with their reprints. (second mistake: They print them much too small. They're sundays for Chicxulub's sake!)
    Anyway, Thanks a thousand, Thom. It's still beautiful and we owe it to you.