Sunday, December 20, 2015

Willin' to Give My Heart for My Fellows

Thanks again to those of you who spoken up with your interest for Whirled of Kelly, even some of you normally quiet folk. That really keeps me going.

Meanwhile, enter Albert, stage left.

November 15, 1970


  1. It being the season when wellbehaved polite girls and boys ought to be rewarded, here are a few goodies.
    Xmas video/song by the 'Firehouse Five', (led by Ward Kimball aka Kimbo Cat) who were promoted by Walt K. in the Sunday strip of April 16, 1950.
    Walt Kelly, Christmas With Mother Goose, Four Color Comics, 1948; for those of you who are not fixated only on Pogo.
    Walt Kelly reads The Traveling Musicians and The Lion and the Mouse on a very scratchy old paper Children's record; as a bedtime story from Uncle Walt.

    '... let nothing you dismay' and try to be peaceful next year!


    PS: THANK YOU, Thom!

  2. Classic, clueless Albert!

  3. And while we're at it: Songs of the Pogo.


  4. Thank you for doing this! I discovered this site at the end of November and I wait with bated breath for new entries.

    (If your phone knows to suggest ROWRBAZZLE as the word you want to type, is that bad?)

  5. Thank you for doing this! I just discovered this site at the end of November (having somehow completely misread the publication date for the next Fantagraphics Pogo volume, and suffering withdrawal).

  6. Have spent a lot of time reading these now. Thank you.