Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Old Negative Proverb Somewheres

Kelly could make each and every panel fun to look at and read, which is of course the objective of a master cartoonist, Kelly being strip-meister of them all.

Long Live Kelly

May 11, 1952


  1. The three-toes are again really pronounced here. I have to wonder when it started and how long it lasted before Kelly decided against it?

  2. This is an odd one, because in the first few panels, Bear is sleeping against the trunk of a tree, and in the last few, he is leaning against a hollow stump (into which Churchy falls).

    Thank you again (and again, and again!)!

    1. Thanks for noticing, Kevin. That shows you're paying attention! I think Kelly liked following Krazy Kat's rules of Kartooning!

      And you're welcome, welcome, welcome!

    2. Kelly was at all times a konsumate kartoonist. I think he must have so loved drawing trees that he was unable to resist including the full tree until he needed a stump instead.