Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year Gone By

Many of you are familiar with the page below, but many of you aren't. Either way it's a worthy entry at this time.

It's maybe my all-time favorite lyric of Kelly's.


  1. "The gentle journey wanders on
    With laughter, love and tears..."

    Kelly's words are as beautiful as his art.

    Thanks for the blog Thomas.

  2. Thanks for this. Wonderful. Kelly was a master of writing and drawing.

  3. I'll comment here about the Kelly wallpaper, since I don't know if many people look at any but the comments on the most recent post.
    Nice wallpaper! I usually don't worry about the background on my computer's desktop, but if I can remember how to change it, I'll put this up, at least for a while.
    Thom, I'll try to remember to say this every time I post, but thanks again for what you do here. I hadn't realized just how much work you do getting the comics cleaned up and ready to post. I knew it wasn't just every scanner that could accommodate something as big as a Sunday comic strip (my savvy son-in-law assures me that two halves of a picture can be seamlessly stitched together in Photoshop, but I wouldn't know where to begin), but I naively assumed that you just scanned and posted, having stored your decades-old Sunday clippings flat in a hermetically sealed cave somewhere. So, if I forgot to mention again, thanks for all the hard work you do for us Pogophiles.
    As far as voting for what I'd like most to see next, perhaps you can tell I like the Sundays. To be able to download and keep forever the hard-to-find Sundays in their original living color is the biggest treat.
    For one thing, I've always been partial to the early Pogo years before the political element entered the swamp. I like the plain good silliness of the early strips, and the Sundays are where Kelly continued and refined (and colored!) that tradition. I generally side with Kelly's political viewpoint, but I'm just not a political person. I guess I'm an escapist.
    So my vote is for seeing more Sunday strips here. Or did I already say that?
    Thanks again, Thom!

  4. Happy New Year Teodor, dddegg, Mike, and Jim!

    Thanks for 'tooning in!