Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Comic Strip Racket

Good morning!

Imagine! John Kennedy was alive and well when I trimmed this strip from the paper! I don't FEEL that old.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for this blog. I'm a comparative young'un to most of your audience, I imagine...I was introduced to Pogo through the short-lived 1989 revival as a five- and six-year-old. It was a few years later when I discovered my first collection of Walt Kelly's original strip in a second-hand bookstore, and I was hooked.

  2. (cnt'd) It was G.O. Fizzickle Pogo, and my favorite bit was when Churchy tells Owl he's going to make money ("How?!" "I is jes' plain gone make money!"). In the last few years, now that I have a bit of disposable income, I've made it a point to get my hands on every one of the collections, as well as all of the Dell comic books! Now I'm just biding my time for the oft-delayed "complete Pogo." In the meantime, it's wonderful to see these strips in full color, the way they were meant to be. I'm periodically catching up with all your old postings, and saving these onto a USB drive so I can revisit them for years to come. Your hard work is very much appreciated!

  3. Yay, music to my ears, Craig! Long live Kelly!

  4. Thomas, I wish I had the words to express my gratitude to you for the 'service' you provide to us parasites, who can only enjoy and have nothing to offer except verbal gratitude.
    a transatlantic hun

  5. Thank you 'Hun', I really appreciate that!