Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mooza Peegle Ain't a Larf

Sorry, the paper came a little late today.


  1. Okay, now THIS is the reason I didn't like POGO when I was growing up. While I find this now to be a few endearingly nonsensical moments with old friends I know well, at that time I was 6 and the POGO of the sixties always made me feel I was left out of some great in-joke! Weird how things change.

  2. Good point, Steven. I had a learning curve, too, when I first latched onto Pogo—and I was a bit older than you at the time (I'm not older than you now).

    My love of the drawings kept me going until within a couple of years I thought and talked like these guys. I must've been an insufferable teenager.