Thursday, January 26, 2012

Black, Wet or Indiffermints

Another spin of a 'toon from the grade A DJ — DJ David B.

If it's Deacon you're seekin', you've come to the place where this is the case.

Hey Chris! Swish, Ploop! More slapstick!

September 17, 1950


  1. Ablert looking very much like 'Meat Hamburg' by 'Mucky Spleen' (aka Kelly, Walt) in 'The Bloody Drip'

    Transatlantic Hun sends

  2. The recurring theme that I find so amusing in Pogo is an escalating commitment to madness. In this strip, that is exemplified by Albert pulling out a pair of gats to deal with alleged truancy on the part of an adult bear.

  3. Tom,

    Something interesting re: the Deacon in some of these very early strips: he doesn't speak in the Gothic type. Wonder why?


  4. Chris, do you mean in this strip? 'Cause it's there, just a little underplayed. I think Kelly wanted it readable for the kids, who he always played to in the Sunday strips.

    If you mean elsewhere, a quick look at the dailies, seems like he does from the get go.

  5. Ah, Chris, I see what you mean. In the very next Sunday post I've going to put up, Deacon indeed is not speaking Gothic. I think either somebody forgot, or somebody thought it was too complex for folks. I'm gonna go with the somebody forgot theory myself. Those things happen early in the branding process.

  6. Daniel, you keep showing up in the spam file, and I just now rescued your comment.

    Yes madness, ala Lewis Carroll's Wonderland.

  7. It's nice to see this all cleaned up and posted where everyone can see it. Sign me DJ David B.