Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day of a Brang New Year

Oh, good golly. I've missed posting a Sunday, Kelly Sunday strip. We had a little party last night, with some guests staying over, rather than risk the roads. I will get the Sunday strip posted later today, but for your trouble of checking in, here is a cute little strip appropriate to the day.

Check back later today for the last strip of the current arc.


  1. i just watched the charlie brown new year special on small ad segments--then followed by a nice charlie brown skating special--a real nice hour--they looked great on my 32" monitor--i cancelled all tv at our house--I will watch dvd only--HAPPY NEW YEAR!!-charlie

  2. We don't get TV reception here. DVDs and a bit of hulu are all we need.

    Peanuts stuff always has a sad sweetness to it. It's pretty timeless and will last a long time.

  3. Oh, and Happy New Year to you charlie! I'm so glad to have you around!