Sunday, June 24, 2012

Barrappidda Phwap

Kelly din't need to tell stories, he jes' had fun.

September 22, 1963


  1. Makes one wonder who had the greater fun: Kelly in creating or us in admiring the results?
    Incidentally: Don't you think there is a bit of a story in this sundae,too; starting with Albert being carried away by his own run-of-the-mill oration, then interrupted by commercials and finally, even his parting words are turned into a punning commercial.
    (and a nice Sunday to you, Charlie!)

  2. thanks Hun--so many nice people read the comics--charlie

  3. Kelly cracked the riddle of "How do I get paid for having waaaaaaaaaay more fun than the people paying?" and we couldn't be greener with envy/admiration...if admiration were green.