Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Child of Nature

Happy Sunday, Kelly Sunday! All Day!

September 1, 1963


  1. nice seeing old Bear coming out on top for once in his enduring competition with Ablert. But then it was unintentionally...
    Thanks and L(ong) L(ive) K(elly)!


  2. the complete Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat is up for bids on e-bay auctions-readers may want some of this---charlie

  3. I've ordered this, but I have no idea of the quality. The seller is Steve Thompson, publisher of the Kelly fanzine The Fort Mudge Most and editor of the Our Gang reprints.

  4. bruce murray6/5/12, 12:36 PM

    Hello Thomas,

    I wonder if you could help me out, I've read that there is a Pogo strip in which they reference the old folk song "King Kong Kitchie/ Froggie went a'courting". As a fan of both the song and Walt Kelly's creation i'd love to find out more.

    Love the blog!


  5. Hi Bruce, I wonder if you're referring to "a frog he would a-wooing go, hey ho sez Anthony Rowley, with a rowley powley gammon and spinach"
    (that's part of my recollection of the verse off the top of my head). Is that the song you're thinking of? Kelly did several different versions of that, and I would love to showcase those. Let me know.

  6. bruce murray6/5/12, 1:30 PM

    Hi Thomas,

    Aye, that's the one. There are many many versions of it (even before Kelly adds his magic to them!) I look forward to a showcase. Thank you in advance!